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Playa Pesquero Review - the Food and drink

This was my first experience of an all inclusive resort. I had no idea how I was going to restrain myself with the constant food and alcohol. Anyway, I was pleased to say that I came back only 3 pounds heavier, so it wasn’t as bad as I feared!

At the time we were there the Playa Pesquero resort had 5 a la carte restaurants. An Asian restaurant called the Asiatic, an Italian restaurant called the Gondola, a vegetarian restaurant, a seafood restaurant and a romantic restaurant called the Romantico. For each week that you stay in the resort you get 4 a la carte bookings, which you book at the beginning of your stay. We were pretty pissed off as although we were staying for 10 days, we were still allowed only 4 a la carte bookings. To me this didn’t seem very fair – for a weeks stay you get 4 bookings, for a 2 week stay you get 8 bookings, so it would make sense that you get 6 bookings for a 10 day stay. Despite politely complaining to the person doing the restaurant bookings, the manager and our tour rep, we didn’t have any success in getting 6 bookings. Unfortunately this meant that we had to eat at the buffet restaurant for 6 nights out of 10!

Romantico Restaurant at Playa Pesquero

Although the food wasn’t as good as what I’ve experienced when I eat out in restaurants at home, or when I’m going out on a non all inclusive holiday, in general I was pretty happy with the food. I didn’t think that the Asiatic or the Gondola restaurant were up to much, but the others we pretty good. If you enjoy seafood you will be in heaven here as there is always a good choice of fresh seafood on all the menus. I had a whole lobster for the first time, which was fantastic.

In all the restaurants and buffets there was generally a choice of two different white wines – Spanish or Cuban and two different red wines. The Gondola and the Romantico restaurant had a full wine list with a great choice of wines from all over the world. I’m a white wine drinker and found the Cuban wine preferable to the Spanish wine in the restaurants, but not as nice as the wine I normally drink. I was glad to get my hands on a Chilean Chardonnay at the Gondola and Romantico restaurants.

In each of the restaurants you could have a starter, main course and dessert and the menu had around 3 choices for each course.

There were also two buffet restaurants which were open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, although at the time we were there only one of the buffet restaurants was open. For breakfast there was a huge choice of food – bread, cheese, different kinds of cheese and cold meat, eggs, bacon, sausages, lots of fresh fruit including pineapple, papaya, mango, melon, bananas, fresh orange juice, milkshakes, cereals, cakes, toast, smoked salmon and much more. It would be easy to eat enough here to fill you up till dinner time.

I never went to the buffet restaurant at lunchtime. Instead we preferred to go to the Trattoria – an Italian restaurant serving excellent thin pizzas, pasta and salad, or to the Beer garden which served the most amazing thick home made burgers with chips (fries). The seafood restaurant was also open at lunchtime, so you could have some fish and rice or salad by the beach.

The buffet also had a great selection of food at dinner time, but I did get tired of it after having to eat there 6 times! The food included different types of fish and meat, paella, vegetables, cold meat, cheese, bread, pasta and pizza, a salad bar, fresh fruit, chips (fries), cakes, ice cream. Some of the food was nice and some not so good. Again if you liked seafood you would be happy.

If you are a vegetarian then you’ll probably find it quite difficult here. I didn’t spot any vegetarian choices on the a la carte menus. So unless you are eating in the vegetarian restaurant each night you may find limited choices at dinner time. Breakfast and lunch should be easy enough.

We also enjoyed having a few drinkies while at Playa Pesquero resort. The selection of drinks at the resort is pretty vast and includes the very tasty Cuban Crystal Beer, 3 different kinds of Havana Club (rum), wine (red, white & sparkling), vodka, gin and all the spirits you can imagine, an extensive cocktail list, whiskey, liquers and lots more. The nicest place to have drinks was in the lobby bar (see photo below):

Lobby Bar at Playa Pesquero

The Beer Garden was also a nice place to have a beer and cool down in the afternoon.


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i dont know if you use this blog anymore but i cam across it...i agree the food was ok, i had a tendency to sick with the pasta and grilled chicken they prepared for you, but im not too keen on it id prefer to eat the food at home..since im only 17 i had a lot of fun during my stay. I always had something to do and never had a problem getting drinks. All the staff seemed to be very nice although some of the women staff had a little bit of an attitude. Also i felt bad for the guards on the way to the beach who had to stand there all day so we gave them the little beers from our fridge since we wernt planning on drinking them.

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