Saturday, July 23, 2005

Our Stay at Playa Pesquero

There’s not a whole lot to say about our stay here. We spent most of the time just chilling out and did more or less the same each day.

We were there in May which is the start of the rainy season, so we were a little worried about how much rain there would be. I expected that we would get rain each day for a couple hours, but it wasn’t like that at all. On our first full day it rained almost all day and it didn’t just rain, it poured down and bounced of the ground. See the photo below, taken from our balcony on day 1:

Rain from Balcony on first day at Playa Pesquero

Unfortunately there ‘aint much to do in an all inclusive resort when it’s raining apart from play pool, play table tennis, eat and go to the bar. Each time it rained the lobby bar suddenly filled up. On our second day I started to get worried when we woke up to even more rain. Luckily it cleared up in the afternoon and we were blessed with 6 whole days of glorious sunshine with barely a cloud in the sky.

We spent most of our days in the resort relaxing. We’d get up just after 9, go for breakfast, lie and read at the pool or at the beach, go swimming, have lunch in the Beer Garden or the Trattoria, perhaps have a little siesta, have a drink at the bar then do some more relaxing and swimming at the pool, with perhaps a little walk on the beach or round the resort. Ah - this is the life! In the early evening we’d play some tennis or just laze about in our room, then make a visit to the lobby bar for a cocktail or a glass of fizz, have dinner, have some more drinks in the lobby bar, then collapse in bed after our long hard day.

Relaxing on the beach at Playa Pesquero

This was the pattern for most of the holiday, which suited me fine as I could recharge my batteries, read lots of good books and forget all about work.


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