Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Welcome to Suzanne's Cuba Blog

Welcome to my Cuba Blog!

A couple of weeks ago I returned from a 2 week holiday in Cuba, where I spent 10 days in an all inclusive resort in Guardalavaca and 3 days in the capital city of Havana.

Before I booked my trip I did a lot of research on the internet and read many reviews of hotels and places to visit on sites such as and TripAdvisor and Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews. I got so much valuable information from these sites that I decided that I better take some time to write about my own trip, show you a few of my photos, tell you my thoughts on Cuba and review the hotels that I stayed in and the airlines that I used. Nothing beats getting other people’s personal opinion about holiday destinations before you book a trip. As you may well already know, you can’t always trust the opinion of the tour operator or the brochures or websites that you book the holidays with.

First a little bit about me…. My name is Suzanne Morrison, I’m 31 years old (at the time of writing this) and I live in the beautiful capital city of Edinburgh, Scotland. I work full time as a software engineer, but I love to travel and try to make sure that I use as much of my vacation time as possible travelling the world. In the last couple of years I’ve travelled to Thailand, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and the USA. Just over 6 years ago I took 8 months off work and travelled round the world – you can read all about that trip at my Round the World Journal page.


Blogger lenguador said...

Did you notice in Cuba the nationals are not allowed to enjoy our own beaches ? Or travel ? Or any of the humans rights worldwide accepted ?
Cuba is under a murderous mafia. The familias, called "La Nomenklatura", ruled my country for the last half of the century.
Fidel Castro is a murder.
We are living in fear.
My name is Juan Aviles, from Holguin, Cuba. I escaped from the island-prision, and crossd The Florida Strait, on two innertubs tied to a 12 foot ladder in the summer of 1994, after been warned and released from a "preventive imprisionent"of ten months in a forced-labor camp. Mi crime: A caricature ridiculizing The Leader
Now I`m living in Texas.

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